There are currently openings for Adult and Children students. Interested candidates are invited to observe a class. The dojo is co-located with the Toledo Zen Center at 6537 Angola Road Holland, OH 43558

Aikido is a non-competitive martial art that can be practiced by almost anyone. Aikido techniques do not rely on physical strength but rather develops relaxed power through the focus of intention and Ki. The result is a creative method of non-destructive conflict resolution.

Aikido is practiced on many levels. The first level is includes the development of stamina, flexibility, and learning how to focus one's intention. The second level is built on the first and stresses self-defense techniques that teach the natural order of movement. In this process the students also become adept at ukemi, the art of rolling, falling and protecting oneself. Aikido provides the opportunity for the development of the entire person. It is a workout of the entire body and mind and results in increased strength, overall physically fitness, flexibility and centeredness.

At the third level students are gradually introduced to the secrets of receiving and harnessing the power of ki, they also develop spatial awareness and learn to judge proper timing and distance. During this training the goal is to establish and maintain an energetic connection to your partner and to lead them off balance. This eliminates the need for more destructive means of resolving situations.

The highest level of aikido is mind over matter. This involves the use of visualization techniques, the power of intention and ki, breath control and meditation. Aikido is truly a spiritual martial art that explores themind - body - spirit connection. This advanced level of training at Shobu Aikido reaches a level not easily found elsewhere. The student learns how to manifest power and effectiveness by the focusing of intention alone. This level depends on and can only be reached through the refinement of technique and the students own deepest feeling. For this reason it alternates between the physical and the spiritual.

In the process of practicing aikido, students inevitably find themselves less stressed and more energetic, better equipped to manage life's many conflicts with calm control. Aikido is great for adults and kids alike because practice encourages respect for self and others, self control, cooperation and responsibility.

Gasshuku or weekend long intensive seminars with William Gleason Sensei are available seasonally.

Children's aikido classes provide a friendly, non-competitive environment for students to become more physically fit, agile, flexible, aware, focused, and relaxed. They learn how to safely fall, roll and perform a variety of self-defense techniques in a supportive, comfortable setting, and parents like Aikido because kids learn how to be powerful without becoming destructive.

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Sword class with Jay Chikyo Weik Sensei at Shobu Aikido of Ohio on 10/23/07. Uke: Danny Kline

Sword class with Jay Chikyo Weik Sensei at Shobu Aikido of Ohio on 10/23/07. Uke: Danny Kline

Kata Tori Kokyu Nage - During Class 10/11/07 Uke:Amy Brown

Re: test and a hello

Bob- Thanks for the link. I am a "Guardian". I'm down with that!

I am also astounded by the places around that world where people look at our blog...Japan, the Philippines, Brazil, Israel, Austria, Iran, Canada, all over...hello everyone, Guten Tag, Bon Jour, Hajimemashite. Dozoyoroshiku!

Take a look at the map at the end of the blog, and click that to see the names of the places people are viewing from...

Personality Test


I found this quite interesting. There are 50 questions asked and it takes about 10 minutes. The Keirsey Temperament Sorter was created to help facilitate group dynamics, offering insight into the communication styles and cooperation of people.

In a nutshell it defines certain traits such as
Communication style - Concrete vs Abstract and
Action style - Utilitarian vs Cooperative

Once you take the test you will be identified as one of the following personality types -

Guardian - Concrete Cooperator
Idealist - Abstract Cooperator
Artisan - Concrete Utilitarian
Rationalists - Abstract Utilitarian

Each of the types listed above has 4 sub-types and if your interested you can read up on which of those you might be. The "Free" report gives you a generalization of which type you are and I was able to figure out my sub-type by reading more about the Artisan personality types.

I'm not promoting paying for the in-depth reports as I got enough information from the free report. For those are wondering I'm a Artisan (sp) Crafter.

Who are you?

An Open Letter From Will Heath


I was pleasantly surprised to see the emails from Chuck and yourself today. I spent the last week at my cabin in northern Michigan relaxing and collecting Larch trees for creating bonsai forests. While in the woods I spent some time thinking about my experience at the dojo. Strangely, an old Great Grey Owl that glided through the Jack Pines bordering a marsh I was walking through brought you, the workshop and the people attending to mind. Aikido, Nature, they are not that far apart.

Your hospitality and kindness did not go unnoticed and was greatly appreciated. Your actions and those of your students spoke more of the essence of Aikido than any other subject matter on the martial art ever could. My only regret was that the time went so quickly, there was so much more to share, I certainly hope I passed along enough to spark the interest in your students so that they will continue with bonsai.

Please pass along the following information on the Ficus retusa's used in the workshop. First, let the trees recover, we stressed them by wiring, pruning, and transplanting. The tree will tell you when it is recovered by pushing outnew growth, which will look like spikes at the tips of branches. Until newgrowth starts, the tree will use less water than normal and the water usagewill pick up dramatically when the growth should be taken tonot let them dry out at this time. For branches that need thickening, let them grow unrestricted. Once the desired thickness is reached, cut the branch back to the innermost set ofleaves, new growth will start now close to the trunk, buy continuing cuttingback, foliage can be forced back. Once the branch is at the desired length, simply pinch off new spikes as they occur, this keeps the shape and causes fuller growth. No branch should be allowed to grow straight up or straight down.

Most importantly, I love getting emails; everyone is welcomed to email me at any time with questions, no question is unimportant.

I am still searching for the perfect tree for your dojo, I will find it. Meanwhile, In a few months I will be down that way again, and since I will be in the area I would be more than happy to follow-up if your students would like to bring their bonsai in. No charge this trip. I am creating a blog and I am always seeking photos of workshops I have given for it. If you would not mind sending me a few with your permission to use them, I will add these as long as information about your dojo.

Again, thank you, I think I may have taken away more than I left.

- Will Heath
These Toledo Zen Center events will be held at the dojo this month, all are welcome:

"Living Zen: Awakening the Joyful Heart" a free public lecture with Chikyo.

This free public lecture will be an introductory talk on the teachings of Zen and how they apply to leading a joyful and fully realized life today. If you have ever wondered what authentic Zen is really about, this talk is for you!

When: Saturday October 27th 7:00-8:00pm

The Basics of Zen Practice 1:30-4:30 P.M.

In this retreat with Chikyo we will cover the practice of Zazen (seated Zen) in depth. What it is, what it is not and how to practice it. We’ll look at common challenges to maintaining a daily sitting practice at home. In addition we will look at the function of walking meditation (kinhin), liturgy, Dharma talks and Dharma discussion. All of these are aspects of the TZC Wednesday evening program. Finally, we will discuss Sangha, the community of practitioners, and the many ways it provides the deep nourishment necessary for the spiritual journey.

When: October 28 Cost $25 (TZC members $15)

Bonsai Success!

Special thanks to Mr. Will Heath who came out an ran a wonderful intro to bonsai workshop for the dojo community here. He has two wonderful websites and if you would like more information on his work and the way of the "tray tree"!


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