There are currently openings for Adult and Children students. Interested candidates are invited to observe a class. The dojo is co-located with the Toledo Zen Center at 6537 Angola Road Holland, OH 43558

Aikido is a non-competitive martial art that can be practiced by almost anyone. Aikido techniques do not rely on physical strength but rather develops relaxed power through the focus of intention and Ki. The result is a creative method of non-destructive conflict resolution.

Aikido is practiced on many levels. The first level is includes the development of stamina, flexibility, and learning how to focus one's intention. The second level is built on the first and stresses self-defense techniques that teach the natural order of movement. In this process the students also become adept at ukemi, the art of rolling, falling and protecting oneself. Aikido provides the opportunity for the development of the entire person. It is a workout of the entire body and mind and results in increased strength, overall physically fitness, flexibility and centeredness.

At the third level students are gradually introduced to the secrets of receiving and harnessing the power of ki, they also develop spatial awareness and learn to judge proper timing and distance. During this training the goal is to establish and maintain an energetic connection to your partner and to lead them off balance. This eliminates the need for more destructive means of resolving situations.

The highest level of aikido is mind over matter. This involves the use of visualization techniques, the power of intention and ki, breath control and meditation. Aikido is truly a spiritual martial art that explores themind - body - spirit connection. This advanced level of training at Shobu Aikido reaches a level not easily found elsewhere. The student learns how to manifest power and effectiveness by the focusing of intention alone. This level depends on and can only be reached through the refinement of technique and the students own deepest feeling. For this reason it alternates between the physical and the spiritual.

In the process of practicing aikido, students inevitably find themselves less stressed and more energetic, better equipped to manage life's many conflicts with calm control. Aikido is great for adults and kids alike because practice encourages respect for self and others, self control, cooperation and responsibility.

Gasshuku or weekend long intensive seminars with William Gleason Sensei are available seasonally.

Children's aikido classes provide a friendly, non-competitive environment for students to become more physically fit, agile, flexible, aware, focused, and relaxed. They learn how to safely fall, roll and perform a variety of self-defense techniques in a supportive, comfortable setting, and parents like Aikido because kids learn how to be powerful without becoming destructive.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Thanks to Dale-san for bring this to our attention!:
Jewel Heart is recruiting volunteers to help with the many arrangements involved with His Holiness the Dalai Lama's April 19-20 visit and would greatly appreciate any time, talent, and energy you can donate toward this effort for pre-event activities as well as help during that weekend. Please fill out the Volunteer Registration Formlocated on Jewel Heart's website at the link below: [](If you have already been contacted regarding volunteering for a specific committee or task we ask that you also fill out this official form and make a note of it inthe 'Skills' section) You do not need to be a Jewel Heart member to volunteer.*Free attendance for ushers to His Holiness the Dalai Lama's April Talks If you're willing to stand & work as a general usher all day on either Sat April19th and/or Sun April 20th (including the Wege lecture) you may attend the event that day for free. Attendance at Saturday morning training session is required. Usher volunteers are recruited and trained by University of Michigan staff. Please fill out the Volunteer Registration Form located on the U of M website at the linkbelow: []Hope to see you! Volunteer Committee Jewel Heart On Saturday and Sunday, April 19 and 20, 2008, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama will visit Ann Arbor where over the course of three sessions in two days he willteach on "Engaging Wisdom and Compassion" at the Crisler Arena of the Universityof Michigan. The teaching is being co-sponsored by Jewel Heart, The Tibet Fund, and the Garrison Institute.The two-day educational program will be held in conjunction with a public talk, the Peter M. Wege Lecture on Sustainability, on environmental issues presented onApril 20th by the University of Michigan at the Crisler Arena in celebration of Earth Day.H. H. the Dalai Lama "Engaging Wisdom and Compassion"Crisler Arena, University of Michigan Campus, April 1910 AM - 12 PM2 PM - 4 PMSunday, April 2010 AM - 12 PM"Peter M. Wege Lecture on Sustainability"Crisler Arena, University of Michigan CampusSunday, April 202 PM - 4 PMTickets available from tickemaster.comor the University of Michigan Ticket Office (734-763-TKTS) - from $15 to $1000Special donor/sponsor seating available by contacting 734-994-3387 or []~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jewel Heart 1129 Oak Valley Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48108 734-994-3387

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